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Technical Product Manager Lice and Welfare

Vi utvikler morgendagens systemer for matproduksjon i havet gjennom maskinlæring og kunstig intelligens. Vi tilbyr tall på fiskevekt, lusetall og fiskevelferd.

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Aquabyte is seeking a Technical Product Manager Lice and Welfare to help build great systems and experiences for fish farms across the world.

Aquabyte is driven by biology and inspired by the possibilities in technology

The Technical Product Associate Lice and Welfare will facilitate, coordinate and drive the software development of new product features for our Lice and Welfare product portfolio. The position is based in Bergen, Norway. 

Our product

We are currently focused on helping salmon farmers better understand their fish populations and make environmentally-sound decisions. Through custom underwater cameras, computer vision, and machine learning we are able to quantify fish weights, detect the health status, and generate optimal feeding plans in real time. Our product operates at three levels: on-site hardware for image capture, cloud pipelines for data processing, and a user-facing web application. As a result, there are hundreds of moving pieces and no shortage of fascinating challenges across all levels of the stack. 

Above all, Aquabyte is a customer-driven company. Our product development is dictated by the needs of fish farmers and we prioritize customer delight in everything we do. We are committed to build a global, collaborative team that creates value far beyond Silicon Valley. 

The role

This is an exciting opportunity to be part of an emerging blue economy technology solution. Our product team is based in Norway and on the West Coast of the United States and as part of this amazing team you will help define product solutions that will have a massive impact on our future world. You will be working on pioneering technology that no one else has defined and or built. You should have a passion for technology and deep curiosity about the world around you.   


  • Create, manage and maintain product backlogs as a primary collaborative tool for teams
  • Translate company-wide strategy into a detailed and actionable product release plan
  • Facilitate discussions with key business and technical stakeholders to assess opportunities, make data-informed recommendations, and build consensus
  • Plan, measure and deliver new feature launches that positively impact the operations of fish farms
  • Facilitate discussions about product technical requirements and architecture and translate these into actionable tasks and stories in your backlog
  • Lead design sprints and work closely with U/X and experts and scientists in biology and the field of aquaculture to synthesize operational requirements into working software
  • Advocate for the customer and ensure that every story that gets built reflects true value for the customer
  • Work closely with other PM’s, operational staff and executives to align daily product priorities with targets, KPI’s and broader initiatives
  • Map-out and manage cross-functional dependencies and collaborate with other teams as necessary to drive resolution
  • Learn about Aquaculture and maintain curiosity about how machine learning, computer vision and robotics technology can advance this fascinating industry 


  • Ability to grapple with abstract concepts and apply them directly to practical operational needs
  • Make product backlog decisions that are data-informed
  • Strong, demonstrated ability to rally teams around agile principles and break through stalled thinking
  • Experience in agile, lean startup product management and release principles 


Aquabyte AS
Aquabyte AS

Søknadsfrist: 10.12.2021
Sted: Bergen


Head of Product
Trude Jansen Hagland
Mobil 454 79 115